To: The Chief Editor of the San Wa Ou Journal

To: The Chief Editor of the San Wa Ou Journal

cc: 永逸

Subject: Wrong and misleading information displayed on your newspaper and website

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing you in order to express my upmost and profound discontentment with the news published in your newspaper and website as shown in Document 1, which is attached to this letter.

In that piece of (misleading and wrong) information, you say that I am a Defendant on a case that is being trialed on the 17th September 2012.

Nothing could be more far from the truth than that and I want to believe that thiswas only due to an honest mistake!

I was never involved in any legal case in the quality of Defendant. What I am is a Lawyer of a Defendant on that specific judicial case.

With your words, you have attacked and damaged my honor and good name and I demand that you issue a written apology in your newspaper and website where you correct the information given.

Journalism is a brave and honored life path and it should not bear any stains, especially those that are only brought on yourself due to the lack of information or lack of care while treating the news you bring out to public.

I expect this matter to be dealt urgently or I will be forced to take the legal measures within my power, accordingly with the article 73 of the Civil Code.

With no further matter to discuss, I address to you my most kind regards.

Yours sincerely,

Alexandre Morais Correia